Client Testimonials

The following client testimonials are genuine and I have asked permission to show them here:

Overall, it has been such a useful experience for me and I was so grateful for you being there at what was a particularly stressful time.  I am sure I will continue to self reflect and not be so hard on myself. I feel very excited and hopeful for my future which is the first time in such a long time.  2017

Just wanted to say thank you again in writing, although thank you does not in any way cover how grateful I am to you. I came to you back in May in an absolute mess, feeling hopeless with no idea how I would ever change, no light at the end of the tunnel, no vision, no desire.

Now our session are complete, I'm not afraid anymore! But alternatively I embrace life, new people, my relationship, social occasions, what would have been threats and terrible terrible worries.

I now advise others with insecurity issues & I just want to jump from the rooftops telling the world I've lost my fear, gained trust & can't wait for the rest of my life with my amazing relationship.

You've saved my relationship - the one I was terrified of losing, but I was doing all the damage because of my issues.

You have helped me work through them, in a way I never, ever, ever thought possible. & when issues come up in the future, I'm a different person now who will deal with them completely differently.

Counselling works, you just need to be ready and willing to change and to find the right counsellor - that's you.

Thank you in advance for the rest of my life! 

I'm so grateful a kind man on holiday told me I need to get help, because that comment put me on a pathway to you and.... I'm not afraid anymore!!!!  2015

"I found therapy with Catherine a wholly life changing experience which completely exceeded my expectations. I felt in a safe and trustworthy environment and would have no hesitation to return to therapy with Catherine, and no hesitation in recommending her services. Amazing experience. Thank you!"  2015

"Catherine is an extremely professional, kind, personable lady who is very welcoming. She listened and helped me understand my anxieties positively. I would highly recommend her. "  2015

"After the breakdown of my first, 7 year relationship with the man I met at University; I was in a very dark place and simply didn't know which way to turn. Catherine was an absolute rock to me and I can't recommend her highly enough. I looked forward to our weekly sessions because I knew whatever difficult times I had during the week, I could lay them to rest at our next session. Catherine was always professional, sympathetic, knowledgeable and above all; kind.I expected a very long, slow recovery from my loss - but I truly believe with Catherine's help, the healing and recovery process was accelerated. I went from the darkest place I've been in my life, to a stronger, more balanced and hopefully better person in a matter of weeks. Thank you Catherine - for everything."  2014

'After a difficult phase in  my life for the past 18 months I think I probably hit my lowest point, smiling every day and telling everyone I was fine but actually feeling terrible inside, I didn’t know what to do any more.  It was at this point I decided to try counseling, this was a daunting prospect having never done it before, not knowing what to expect or where to begin to start looking.  What drew me to Woodlands Counseling with Catherine was the warmth and friendliness that comes across initially from her website and then from the actual counseling environment and sessions.  I never understood the value of talking while the other person predominantly listens.  I have learned so much about myself and very much hope I will continue to put into practice the positive life skills I have learned through counseling for my years ahead.  In hindsight I wish I had gone to counseling sooner but actually I’m just glad that I have done it at all, it is the best thing I have ever done to invest in myself and I cannot recommend my experience with Catherine highly enough and thank her so much for helping me.'  2014


I just wanted to send you a few lines to thank you for all the help that you gave me during our sessions together.

I was truly impressed with your style of running the meetings.  Realising that I needed to understand how certain situations made me feel, to be able to reflect on occasions, sometimes as they were occurring, was fundamental to making progress.

I always felt that the atmosphere was comfortable, non judgmental and constructive, and under your gentle direction I have been able to make significant changes to the way that I interact with the World.

Thanks again for helping me to help me.  2014


I have experienced counselling before seeing Catherine and found her approach, environment and manner to be excellent, very quickly put me at ease and gave me the space and time to explore different subjects. Interestingly, what i thought i was going to counselling for ended up not being the main topic of discussion. These sessions helped me work through some issues and prioritise and face different emotions and relationships in a way i hadn't been able to do through self reflection or talking to friends.  2014

 I went to see Catherine when I realized I had hit depression for the first time in my life. I felt I had no hope, no worth and nothing positive in my life despite having all most people could wish for.  With Catherine's fantastic empathy and ability to draw out those hidden events from my past, I found out why my childhood had had such a dramatic effect on my adult life and relationships. She enabled me to rid myself of those painful chains and see my future for what it was. Full of hope and a positive future if I only opened my mind and heart to it all, and accepted that I deserved it. I am now working to improve myself but I know that Catherine is there if I need her help. To anyone thinking of going down the counseling route - do it!! I can't recommend Catherine enough.  2014

Meeting Catherine has helped me so much.  If you are unsure about whether to make an appointment, don't be, just do it.

I had never had Counselling before but I really wish I had done it earlier. Catherine made me feel completely at ease from the first moment I met her.  She is a very caring, genuine lady who helped me come out from under my "black cloud".  It felt like a huge weight off my shoulders to know that Catherine was going to help me sort out all the "stuff"I had been carrying around with me for 40 years and she did! I know I will still have times where I feel low but I also know that I am in a better place now to deal with them.  Thank you Catherine.  2014 

it really has helped me and I didn't think that anybody could help me. I thought that's just how it was going to be. I somehow gained new confidence each week and I am doing so much more with my life since we first met. I am calmer and respond differently to situations now and things are changing for me that I never thought could. I had imagined that would never happen.  2014

Catherine is a very caring and understanding person, i saw great goodness in her, when i talked about past incidents some for the first time i realised i had been traumatised by them, some 25 years ago. i am now heading back in the right direction away from despair, i have started to recover at long last.  2013

Counselling is a very personal thing and has different effects on people in different ways. After the loss of my Father I found myself in a very dark lonely place and struggling  with different emotions ranging from guilt to anger. I met with Catherine at Winchfield Lodge. At first it felt quite daunting as I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but Catherine put me immediately at ease and the beautiful relaxed surroundings really helped. Losing a loved one is such a difficult event in anyone’s life but over my sessions I found myself opening up more and Catherine helped ease the process and helped to start in my journey trying to resolve the pain. I still have a way to go as the pain never really goes away but now I can try and take a step back at look at why I am feeling the things I do and how to try and make the sadder memories that little less painful. Counselling really helped turn my life around at a very low stage of my life and has really changed my  life.  2013

"I found the sessions really useful, there were several lightbulb moments which I think have really helped. Thank you again."  2013

"For anyone seeking help, and unsure of who to trust for whatever reason: I was cynical of counsellors, but felt my fears assuaged very quickly by Catherine's approach to counselling; throughout the whole process I always felt that she held my best interests 100% paramount, and will always be grateful"  2013

"I found the sessions of great benefit, I was feeling lost, alone and confused, counseling gave me a safe place to be, work things out, not be judged and feel protected"  2013

"Thankyou for all your help. listening and caring"  2012

"I felt it was ‘our’ experience because you made me feel you were with me, by my side and understood me, it was my safe place"  2012

"You have given me a lot of things to think about daily, and am doing so in my venture forward into my new identity and world in which I am totally grateful for. Life is a funny old thing when it goes wrong, and it's not until it goes wrong that our focus seems to disappear. People like you are then needed, thank god to have that listening ear and hidden tool to hopefully pull our self back in line. And I only hope that not only have you given me that tool but in the future I may be the listener for some one else in a dark place."  2012

"I was at a very low and difficult point in my life when I met Catherine and I did feel how could counselling help me, how can talking help lift this darkness, I didn’t believe that it really could. I wanted answers, I wanted somebody to tell me the answer and solve things for me. By the end of our time together I was finding the answers, I was lifting the darkness under the beautiful guidance of this skilled and caring lady. This may sound dramatic but it has changed my life and that is a very big deal, I never thought I would find the answers and truly smile without sadness lurking behind it. I now go forward with the empowerment of this experience and the development of my own internal therapist, I feel I can deal with life better now. It is scary, it is the unknown but talking in a safe place and having somebody to listen and not judge you is truly wonderful."  2012

If anyone would like to contact me with their own thoughts or feedback from their counselling experience with me I would be very interested in hearing from you.

All comments are treated in strict confidence and are only viewed by myself although do let me know if you would be happy for your comment to be included here anonymously.

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