What is Counselling?

A massive question really but here is my attempt at a description in a nutshell!

Talking therapy is a proven and effective method of coping with difficult emotions or relieving emotional distress stemming from a huge range of causes. 

You may have been diagnosed with depression or anxiety or perhaps you have suffered a bereavement or been involved in a traumatic situation. You may be going through divorce or separation or struggling in any kind of relationship. You might even just feel low and be unsure of the reasons. Counselling can help you to explore all of your feelings in a safe and confidential environment that is free from distraction.

During sessions clients are encouraged to talk about their difficulties as openly as they feel comfortable with doing. During this exploration, and in an environment that is empathic and free from judgment, clients often find they discover greater awareness of themselves and a greater insight into their issues. 

Clients are never pushed to talk about more than they want to and the pace and choice of topic is always set by the client. My clients report that they not only feel emotionally supported by me, but some also notice that counselling has lead them to thinking differently, feeling differently and depending on circumstances some people choose to make important and positive changes. 

Counselling can also be used as method of self development. You can gain a great amount of self awareness and new insight into yourself through the counselling process. Some people find this can be helpful as it can lead to living the life you really want to and improving relationships at home and at work.

If you want to know more about what goes on in the therapy room I say some more about my personal approach in 'How I work With You'
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