Counselling For Depression

My Experience

I have a great deal of experience of working with clients suffering from depression from my many clients within my counselling work and from working as a Therapeutic Group Facilitator for Hampshire Council specifically for a local community group suffering from depression and anxiety. 

Symptoms of Depression

People suffering with depression can find themselves with enduring feelings of sadness or even numbness that has perhaps begun to interfere with their everyday life. You may find yourself unusually tearful or irritable and aggressive or even lacking in feelings entirely.

Motivation may be lacking and working can become a great challenge or even perhaps impossible. You may even perhaps have lost interest in things that you used to enjoy such as hobbies or socialising and doing the smallest task such as getting out of bed or even getting dressed can become a huge chore and require a great deal of effort. 

There may be a feeling that you can no longer cope with life and tasks in the way you used to. Some people get cross with themselves for feeling this way which in fact just makes symptoms worse and adds to feeling a lack of self worth. It's a downward spiral and if your 'self talk' (the things you tell yourself about yourself and the world) has become very negative it will simply add to your unhappiness. 

Treatment of Depression

My belief is that it is never hopeless, even though I understand that it may seem so right now.  There is help 'out there' through your local GP or through local support groups or private counselling but unfortunately it is unlikely to find you so you need to bravely take those first steps. It can feel really hard when you are lacking motivation and in fact staying under the duvet or keeping yourself away from others might be more tempting but this won't change your depression. Once you reach out and get started you will gradually start to see or feel some changes and you may even wish you had done something a lot sooner. 

Medication or Talking Therapy?

If your GP thinks you may be depressed then he may well have prescribed you either medication such as an anti-depressant or counselling. Or perhaps both. The latest research suggests that the two combined can be most helpful but do remember that ultimately the choice is in your hands and you can choose to deal with your depression in a way you feel comfortable with and by using what works for you. 

The GP may offer you a practice counsellor if they have one but there may be a waiting list which can be frustrating or limitations on session numbers which can feel difficult if you are not yet well or ready to end. There is also sometimes NHS telephone support offered through your GP which can be helpful if you are unable to leave your home or find talking easier on the phone but again this can be limited and some people may prefer to see someone face to face. 

Seeing a private counsellor is a good alternative as it means that you can see someone straight away and continue gaining some support with the person of your own choice and for as long as you feel it's helpful.

Alternative ways to beat Depression

Counselling is not the only  way to treat depression. It can certainly be a hugely helpful part of your recovery however within counselling sessions I also encourage people to try any alternative methods available alongside their sessions. 

Human beings are unique and so are their life experiences and so too their experience of depression. Your recovery journey will also be unique to you and whilst we can learn a great deal from has helped others don't be despondent if what has appeared to help a friend may not be working so well for you. 

Some people are aided by self help books or a group and yet another person may find increasing their physical exercise or setting a new daily routine can be the key. There are many alternative things that you can try and we can discuss these within your sessions. 

Get in touch for a free discussion

I can offer you a safe and welcoming space where you can talk confidentially about what is getting you down. I am non judgemental and empathic and my aim is to get you back to living your life to the full and I feel hopeful this is possible. If you are tired of 'feeling like this' then why not come along for an initial assesment. This session is without further obligation and is designed to be time where you can decide whether counselling could be a part of your own key to recovery.


An Important Message About Self Harm & Suicidal Thoughts - Anyone with feelings of wanting to self harm or with thoughts of suicide does need to tell someone they trust and get assistance. Help can be obtained from the GP, the local hospital or community mental health team. Samaritans give 24 hour telephone or even email assistance. If you need someone to share your feelings with there is always someone out there to listen: 08457 90 90 90
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