Counselling for Stress & Anxiety

Stress & Anxiety 

Stress is often a normal part of our busy daily lives and feelings of anxiety resulting from this is a normal part of being human. Anyone who has waited to sit an exam or go in for their job interview for example is likely to have felt under pressure and stressed and may of experienced a certain level of anxiety. 

Whilst this kind of situation might prove an uncomfortable experience, the feelings are usually manageable and when the temporary pressure is gone the anxiety soon passes. For some people however the anxiety may be felt as more heightened, persistent and longer lasting and it can feel hellish to live with. Anxiety can affect your every day life quite dramatically and for some people leads to avoidance and maybe even depression.

Warning Signs

There are many symptoms related to stress and anxiety and not all are mentioned here but here are just few of the warning signs that you may be suffering from a more chronic kind of anxiety:
  • If your anxiety is interfering with you everyday life or if you notice you have started to avoid certain situation, places or people
  • If you often feel on edge, tearful, irritable or find it difficult to relax.
  • If you find it hard to wind down or are having trouble sleeping.
  • You may be experiencing intrusive or unwanted negative or scary thoughts
  • If you are noticing you regularly experience physical symptoms such as dry mouth, feeling breathless, heart racing, dizziness, sweating shaking, butterflies, feeling 'odd' or unreal, hyper alert, panicky or out of control. 
  • If your anxiety has begun to make you feel depressed or hopeless. 

Counselling for Anxiety

I personally approach working with anxiety issues in a slightly more focused and educative way than some other issues. Mainly because it is my experience that some of the symptoms of anxiety can be pretty scary and it can very helpful in the first instance to know how the body works and why we are suffering the symptoms we do. 

I would then be interested to know what makes you anxious and look at the history of your anxiety. We will look at what occurs physically for you when you are feeling anxious and how unwittingly you may make the situation worse without even realising it.

We may also look at your life style in general and see whether making some changes might be appropriate. All of this exploration is done at your pace and and with empathy and without any judgement. My office is a comfortable, quiet and safe place for you to share how your anxiety is affecting your life.

Alternative Therapies?

Much like depression I always encourage clients to try alternative therapies alongside their counselling. Relaxation is a key tool in combating anxiety and for some of my clients this has been meditation or acupuncture but for others is can be as simple as going for a walk alone to regain a sense of calm and peace. Mindfulness (staying in the here and now) even in it's simplest form can be helpful. What could work for you?

Contact Me

Stress and anxiety are serious issues that can be debilitating and life limiting. It is my aim to work with you on reducing anxiety levels as soon as possible in order for you to hopefully lead a calmer and more fulfilling life.

Feel free to contact me for an initial session to discuss how counselling with me might help your stress or anxiety.

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